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Where Is This So Called Middle C?!


Middle CWhere is middle C? What is middle C? Who is middle C? Have a read though this brief article and remember to watch the video on this page to further clarify our explanation.

Let’s deal with where first. Touch the most extreme left white note on a full sized keyboard (fifty two white notes) and say the number one. The white note to the right of that would be number two. Keep working your way to the right until you hit the magic number twenty four. That’s middle C (you can also work this process from the extreme right white note, going from right to left for twenty nine notes). Middle C is the white note located just to the left of the group of two black notes.

Another way of locating middle C is to look for the manufacturer’s name near the middle of the piano or keyboard. Locate the two black notes in this same mid part of the piano (remember; find the white note just to the left of these two black notes is middle C) 

What is middle C.? That’s easy. It’s a pitch (not as in baseball but as a sound of a particular music note).

Who is middle C.? We don’t know him personally but one thing’s for sure. His parents were pretty twisted when it came to baby naming time.

Here you can see a bit clearer.

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