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Welcome to Midi

midi softwareMidi stands for Musical Instrumental Digital Interface. This phrase describes the communication and synchronization in real time between computers, electronic musical instruments like synthesizers and drum machines, midi controllers, sound cards and other equipment.

Many companies dedicate themselves to midi products. Some of these companies specialize in sequence based software (sequencers). These programs allow you to have your own little recording studio. You can record yourself and then add different electronic or acoustic instruments to your original recording by using multi-tracking. Editing mistakes is not problematic. You can also add special effects including filters and reverb.

Musical typesetting is also addressed in software programming. The modern composer is now able to typeset his or her work and self-publish a composition. Works that used to be painstakingly hand written can now be neatly computerized and more presentable for a read-through by professional performers. I would know. As a composer, my hand-written compositions used to make professionals say, “You’re killing my eyes. I’ll have to change the prescription on my glasses”. Some orchestral players would be classy enough not to say anything, but the look on their face, a looked that resembled a person that had just accidentally chewed on some aspirin, would give away their true inner feelings . Suffice to say, my computerized compositions always get healthy, optimistic looks from musicians. The performances are better as well. 

Some software companies combine typesetting and sequence programs into one program. However, even the combined software usually excels at one or the other. As for new developments in midi technology, a useful website to know is www.midi.org. My favorite sequencer and typesetting software programs are Cubase and Finale, respectively.

Midi files are small and take up very little memory. However, wavefiles used to create CDs are very large, especially if they use acoustic rather than midi instruments. Sequencer software can format files in many ways, including the popular MP3 format. One final note: be patient when learning midi software. Also, make sure to have good technical support available by email and especially by phone. In other words, make sure you like the store that you’re buying your product from.    

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